This web site is still built with XSL using my good old Eclipse plugin Stylo Plume. Everything was OK for the past years, but a few weeks ago I wanted to redesign the news section on the home page, to add individual links to each announcement. I wanted something a bit like a blog, but without comments and fully in static html (no server-side PHP/Java/whatever).

In order to do so, I needed to add a new functionality to Stylo Plume, namely to enhance the dir:// protocol to be able to list sub-directories recursively. So 8 years after the last release, I searched in a bunch of old hard drives to recover my ancient CVS server and put the code in Mercurial. A public repository is now available on Bitbucket.

Release 0.2.0 is out today, it includes the modification to the dir:// protocol and the replacement of Xalan by the XML stack included in the JVM.

Oh, and there’s even an Atom feed for the news, now!