This project is not maintained anymore. It may (or may not) be working.


Get the news from sites such as Slashdot or Yahoo via their RSS feed. Released under the Common Public License - v 1.0.

The 3.x releases work with Eclipse 3.0 and should have no problem with Eclipse 3.1. The 2.x releases only work with the 2.1 branch of Eclipse.

Screen Shots

the perspective
The perspective with the dedicated views.
the preference page
The preference page.


What's the correct external executable (browser) on MacOS X?
It's /usr/bin/open. It's a command that does whatever a double-click would do on the specified file (i.e. opening it up in the application for the file's extension), and in our case it also accepts URLs as parameters and opens them in the user's default browser. (from Carl Lindberg)
I'm running JDK 1.4.x, and I've got a org.xml.sax.SAXParseException: Character conversion error: "Malformed UTF-8 char -- is an XML encoding declaration missing?" (line number may be too low). What's up?
Download a more recent version of All The News, this bug has been fixed.

Change Log

  • The date and description of items are saved on Eclipse shutdown
  • Fix for bug 3429 (found and fixed by Nikolay Metchev)
  • Possibility to apply transformations on items (for instance to remove ads or web bugs)
  • Possibility to modify the title and url of feeds
  • Support of <content:encoded> tags
  • Workaround a bug in Crimson (should fix encoding problems on some feeds)
  • Possibility to open a page in an external browser
  • More fault-tolerant date parser
  • Fix for bug 2363 (found by Ilja Preuss)
  • Status bar for the browser view
  • Shows the progression of the download in the browser view
  • Possibility to show the description of an item before following the link
  • Fixed a bug detected by Leif Frenzel
  • Compatible with Eclipse 3.0, won't work with previous versions
  • Internal browser for all platform
  • The state of read items is saved on Eclipse shutdown
  • New perspective and views
  • New icon set
  • Ability to force refresh from proxies (useful if your proxy don' t want to give you FRESH news)
  • Prototype of a tool to find the RSS feeds you like with the help of RPC (see in the preference page)
  • Support for feeds using ISO-8859-15
  • Fixed the bug that caused the error "Malformed UTF-8 char -- is an XML encoding declaration missing?"
  • Added filters to hide some items ("Customize this feed" and so on)
  • Removed internal System.out and System.err
  • Use of Eclipse 2.1, won't work with previous versions of Eclipse
  • Icon to indicate when new items arrive
  • Popup menu to mark items as read or new
  • Ability to choose between 3 types of view (Split, Tab and Tree mode)
  • Bug in date parsing fixed


Use the update manager and create a bookmark to

There are 2 Mercurial repositories available on Bitbucket: one for the plugin, and another for the feature.


Many thanks to Laurent Fourrier for sending me a patch to use HTTP proxies and a dedicated perspective.

This plug-in uses code from Robert Harder.

Many thanks also to James Strachan, Magnus Ihse, Ralph Schaer, Rich Ahrens, David Graham, Eugen Kuleshov, Carl Lindberg, Johan Mörén, Romain Waigand, David Rabinowitz, James Tait, Sylvain St-Germain, Nikolay Metchev and Leif Frenzel (that’s a lot of people!) for their valuable feedback and suggestions.