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This summer, I went on vacation to a place that was not covered by OpenStreetMap, so I became a small OpenStreetMap contributer and mapped the surroundings. Here’s the list of software that I used on my Android devices.

To gather GPS data, I used OSM Tracker for Android, available both in Google Play and via F-Droid. It’s a nice GPS tracker with fast Points of Interest (POI) placement shortcuts. It should be able to upload traces directly to OSM, but this functionality always crashed with me; uploading the generated traces (.gpx) with the website worked once I renamed the files to remove non-ASCII characters.

To edit the map, I used Vespucci, which is also available both in Google Play and via F-Droid. It’s fine for relative small edits, but for larger one you’d better use the Flash-based Potlatch 2. Another useful application to edit details such as the name of roads or POIs is OSMapTuner (see update), available in Google Play.

OpenFixMap (in Google Play) was very helpful to flag errors on the map. You’ll have to use an editor to fix them.

A more comprehensive list can be found on OpenStreetMap’s wiki: Android software supporting OpenStreetMap. Happy hacking mapping!

Update: I’ve just found another editor for POIs, Mapzen POI Collector. It can add POIs and has a much nicer user interface. However, it is limited to the most common types of POI, so if you have very special needs, it’s not for you.